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Single Storey Extensions

Commercial and residential extensions to maximise space

Is your small home starting making you feel a little claustrophobic? Need some extra space for recreation or work? Single Storey Extensions may be the best solution to your space needs. Interested in single storey residential or commercial extensions but not sure how to start? With our access to a network of building specialists, we'll help you find you the best single storey extensions at a price to suit your budget.
Extensions enable you to design the living or work space you want, adding to your existing home or office building. Extending existing premises may prove cheaper and less stressful than buying a new property and moving. Whether you want an extra bedroom or play room at home or increased floor space in your commercial show room, single-storey extensions offer affordable solutions.
Residential Extensions: Your first consideration should be the purpose of the extension. Is the new space going to be self-contained, is the new space accommodating a growing family or will the extension be for recreational purposes? Regardless of the type of extension, home extensions are always an investment, guaranteed to increase the property value of your home if done professionally. Always consult local authorities regarding building permissions before signing a contract and starting construction.
If you're planning a house extension and you need expert builders who'll get the job done, check out our network. Every single one of our extension specialists has undergone a rigorous screening process.
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 single storey extension quotesCommercial Extensions: The purpose of the extension, is again, the first thing you need to consider. Is this extension for a chic showroom or for more office cubicles? Do you need the extensions to fit a specific aesthetic? Consult the professionals about design specifics prior to ensure your commercial space remains attractive to clients and functional for employees. Some extensions may require extra building permissions and even permission from neighbours if your premises are in a more residential area.
Professional Extensions: DIY extensions of any kind, especially for commercial properties, are not recommended. Any type of construction requires specialist knowledge of architecture and engineering and should not be attempted by anyone without the appropriate training. Single storey extensions affect the structural integrity of the existing building and could result in serious damage, putting you and your family or employees at risk, if not done correctly.
Flat or Pitched Roof Extensions: Both flat and pitched roof extensions should be possible depending on the design of your building. One of the biggest problems with single storey extensions is the reduction of sunlight. To combat this loss of light, flat and pitched roofs can be fitted with specialist lighting. Flat roofs also present the opportunity for creating a rooftop garden, adding to the aesthetics of your home.
Rear Extensions: A common choice for residential extensions is to extend the home to the rear, avoiding any unsightly street views. Rear extensions are particularly popular for bungalows but the practicality of this type of extensions depends on the size of your land. While rear extensions may combat aesthetic problems, be sure to file for the required permissions as neighbours may object to a loss of sunlight or views.
What to Expect: Whether you're extending your single-story home or business, it's important to understand the processes involved. For example, you may experience some disturbances due to noise, or you may even be unable to use certain parts of your home for several days or even weeks at a time while the extension is being completed. It's important to talk to your chosen contractor about the schedule and try to accommodate the builders as much as possible. Of course, the professional builders will also work hard to accommodate your personal needs, as well.
Single Storey Extension Costs: The cost of single storey extensions depends on the scale of the project, materials required, quality of the earth surrounding the building and the physical labour involved in construction. Additional services such as structural re-enforcing, installing new electrical and plumbing systems, adding insulation or installing new heating/cooling systems will also affect the price.
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Your single storey extension questions answered
  • I have a multi-storey home, but would like my extension to be only one storey high. Is this possible? Yes, it is completely possible to add a single-storey extension onto a multi-storey home.
  • Can I add a single-storey extension onto a garage? While these extensions are most often performed on homes, they can definitely be added onto garages as well.
  • What type of single story extensions can I build? The most common type of single story extensions is room extensions, garages, carports, and porches or patios. Basically, any room that is added to the exterior of an existing structure is considered an extension.
  • Should I hire a contractor to handle the extension construction? Yes. Whether you're building a small porch or a large room extension, you should always work with a professional contractor. You'll have a better finished product, and most contractors will offer a warranty on their work as well.
  • Is it possible to add a single storey extension onto a home with multiple floors? Yes, it is entirely possible to add such an extension. In fact, this type of extension is rather common, and is often done when converting a traditional home to a salt box.
  • How long will it take? Many factors go into determining how long it will take to complete an extension. Things like weather conditions, building permits, the availability of materials, and even the size and scope of your addition will all influence the time to completion.
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