multiple storey extensions

Multiple Storey Extensions

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Is your single storey home getting a little cramped? Need an extra bedroom for a growing family? Multiple storey extensions may be the best solution for your accommodation needs. Interested in multi-storey extensions for your home or work premises but not sure how to start? We'll help you find you the best extension specialists at a price to suit your budget. No job is too big or small for the professionals.
Multiple storey extensions enable you to design the living or work space you want, without compromising your garden. Extending existing premises may prove cheaper and less stressful than buying a new property and moving. Additionally, multiple storey extensions don't require a large land area to be effective especially in urbanised areas where space is at a premium.
Reasons People Consider Multiple Story Extensions: A multiple story extension may consist of a room added above the first floor of your home, but it may also be an extension that consists of two or more rooms with one new room on each level. Multiple story extensions are great choices for people who need to expand their living space, but who have run out of yard room and must expand upward instead of outward. In fact, these extensions can easily convert a single-story home into a multiple-story home. Before getting started, it's important to find out whether you can get a permit to do so. Some locations and neighbourhoods will not allow it.
Residential Extensions: Multiple storey residential extensions are a great consideration if your property is small. You can have that extra bedroom or children's play room without having to build in the garden. Some homes may require special building permissions in order to build multiple storeys. Some homes may also require additional structural reinforcing or foundation treatments to support additional floors. For this reason, always consult the professionals prior to starting any type of construction.
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 multiple storey extensions quotesCommercial Extensions: The purpose of the extension will influence the type of construction. Do you need offices above your retail shop? Do want a second storey storage facility or an additional showroom? Multiple storey extensions may prove more affordable for commercial properties where ground space is limited and very expensive. Always consult with local authorities regarding building permissions and professional architects for structural requirements before starting any building projects.
Professional Extensions: DIY extensions of any kind should not be attempted. An existing building will require certain structural properties in order to support additional floors. Only professionals with specialised knowledge should be allowed to design and execute multiple storey extensions as these extensions could prove extremely dangerous if handled improperly. The professionals will also assist you in acquiring the necessary paperwork prior to starting construction.
Premises Design: It's important to understand that not all buildings can support multiple storeys without some additional engineering. Roof type may also affect the ease with which multiple storey extensions are carried out. All extension plans should be done by a professional architect to ensure a seamless addition to the existing structure so that the extension doesn't look like gaudy add-on. Foundation and other structural reinforcing may be required before extension construction can begin.
Extension Costs: The cost of multiple storey extensions depends on the scale of the project. The larger the extension and the more complex the process, the more expensive it is likely to be. The costs of materials, the quality of the ground and foundations all have an impact on final pricing. Additional services such as the installation of new electrical and plumbing systems, added insulation or the installation of new heating/cooling and ventilation systems will also affect the price.
Tired of living in cramped quarters? Want to add an extra bedroom to your home or some extra office space at work? Multiple storey extensions may be your best option. It'll only take you a minute to fill in our online form, describing your spatial needs at home or place of work. We'll take care of the rest. With our access to a network of building specialists, we guarantee to find you the best extension services at the most affordable prices. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and that dream home or perfect office could be yours.
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Your multi storey extension questions answered
  • I have a multi-storey home, and would like my addition to maintain a uniform appearance. Is it possible to add an extension that is more than one storey high? Yes, multi-storey extensions can easily be added to any structure and any brickwork can be matched to form a seamless join.
  • I have a single-storey home, but would like to add a multi-storey family room with sleeping loft. Can this be done? Yes, it is quite possible to add multi-storey extensions to a single-storey home. In fact almost any configuration can be made, simply get in touch to discuss further.
  • What do multi-story extensions cost? The cost of your multi-story extension will depend how much space you would like to add to your home, but most costs will start at about 2,500 per square metre and will go up from there. More complicated extensions will, of course, cost more.
  • What type of permissions do I need for multi-story extensions? You or your contractor will need to obtain planning permissions for any extension that modifies the external appearance or floor plan of your home. The permissions will vary depending on the specific type of extension you're planning to build.
  • Can I add a multiple storey extension onto a single storey home? Yes, although doing so will require adding a set of stairs, and could therefore result in drastic changes to your original floor plan.
  • Can I design my own extension? In most cases, you can work with your contractor to come up with a design for your extension that suits your needs. However, it's important to keep in mind that your contractor may need to revise your design in some cases. For example, if you're adding a staircase, it may need to be placed in a certain location for support.
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