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Maximise your garage space with a professional conversion

Need extra living space but can't afford pricey home extensions? Want to do something practical with your cluttered garage? A garage conversion could offer an easier and more affordable means of creating extra living space without the costs and complications of home extensions. Considering garage conversion but not sure where to start? With our access to a network of home improvement specialists, we'll find you the best garage conversions at a price to suit your budget.
There are numerous benefits to converting an existing garage into a living space. Converting existing space may prove cheaper and easier than adding on new buildings and extensions. Whether you want another bedroom, a home office space, a new entertainment area, or play room for the kids, garage conversions offer a more affordable solution to the problem of increased space especially in urbanised areas which may have certain building restrictions. No job is too big or too small for the specialists on our network.
Maximising Garage Space: Garages today are rarely used for parking the car. This space easily becomes cluttered with junk and used as a dumping ground for unwanted household goods when the garage could be so much more. For many people, a garage is wasted space that could easily be converted into a functional living area, be it for work or recreation. Considering buying a new house because you need some extra room? Converting your garage just might be the cheaper and less stressful option. Garage conversions can also increase your property value.
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 garage conversion quotesProfessional Garage Conversions: DIY garage conversions are not recommended. Converting the garage requires specific steps for making this external area comfortable and safe. Some of these steps include installing damp proofing, adding extra insulation, upgrading the ventilation, heating and cooling systems, as well as changes and additions to the electric and plumbing systems of your home. It is essential that this type of construction be done by professionals according to local health and safe regulations in accordance with building permissions.
Types of Conversions: Depending on the size and style of your garage, they are easily converted into additional bedrooms, living rooms, home office units, hobby workshops and entertainment areas. Garages can also be converted into self-contained flats with en-suite bathrooms depending on your electrical and plumbing systems. Certain types of conversions may require additional council permissions so always consult with the professionals before starting any construction work.
The Cost of Garage Conversions: The cost of garage conversions depends on several factors. The size of the project and the duration of the physical labour required have the greatest effect on the price. Additional services such as re-enforcing foundations, completing brickwork, changing electrics, adding to plumbing and installing insulation will also have an effect on the price. DIY conversions may be tempting to help cut costs but badly done DIY construction could end up costing you more in the long run, while compromising the structural integrity of your home.
Want a new entertainment area or play room for the kids? Need an extra bedroom or home office space? Want to turn your junk room into a granny flat? Garage conversions may be your best solution. We operate all year round. Take a minute to fill in our online form, providing us with a few details about your ideal living space and we'll take care of the rest. We guarantee to find you the best professional services at the lowest prices. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and turn that cluttered garage into a brand new living space that adds value to your home.
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Your garage conversion questions answered
  • What can garage conversions be used for? Garage conversions can be used for anything you like, including an extra bedroom, a family room, or even a guest suite.
  • What options are there for heating and cooling my garage once it is converted? A number of options are available, including wall radiators, window air conditioning units and portable heating and cooling devices.
  • Do I need to obtain planning permissions before I start a garage conversion? It's always best to check, but generally the only time you need to get planning permissions for garage conversions is if you are planning to expand the garage beyond its already existing boundaries. If the conversion is entirely internal, you shouldn't need permissions.
  • Can I do a garage conversion myself? Yes, to an extent. if you are an experienced builder then basic conversions to turn a garage into a room or storage areas can be done as a do it yourself job. Anything that requires expanding the garage itself should be handled by a contractor.
  • Is it difficult to add plumbing to a garage when converting it? Plumbing is actually very easy to add to attached garages, as you only need to hook onto your existing pipes. Complete plumbing installation may be needed for detached garages however.
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